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Looking after your classic Porsche

At our Centre, we carry out repairs and restorations of classic Porsche models which have been out of production for ten or more years, up to and including the 996 generation 911 and the 986 generation Boxster.

All work is carried out by our Porsche-trained Technicians who are highly skilled and experienced in servicing and repairing Porsche models of all ages. Underpinning this is our use of Porsche Classic Genuine Parts.

At our Centre you can be rest assured that your classic Porsche is always in the hands of experts.

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A personal experience

A well-earned reputation

Our reputation is built upon looking after your unique part of Porsche history.

At Porsche Service Centre Brooklands, one of our main areas of expertise is with air-cooled and other classic Porsche models. We have built up a loyal customer base over 30 years in this specialist area and our dedicated Classic team total over 90 combined years of Porsche wisdom.

If you are seeking a truly personal and bespoke approach to looking after your classic Porsche, our team would be happy to discuss our services. 


Providing regular updates

Keeping you informed

During the consultation process with Tim Munford, the regularity and method of updates will be agreed upon. We are happy to provide updates by phone, email or in person.

We provide photographs showing key stages in the progress of the work so that you are always up to date. Upon completion and handover of your car, Tim will present you with a Porsche USB stick containing the photo diary of the work on your car.

Meet the Porsche Classic team

Tim Munford

Tim Munford: Porsche Classic Specialist

Tim has over 30 years dedicated Porsche experience with us and leads our Classic Department. Well known throughout the Porsche community for his extensive knowledge and passion for the brand, Tim inspires Technicians to further their own knowledge. Can be found regularly working on his own Porsche, a 1989 Porsche 944 S2 in Alpine White.

Call Tim on 01932 341 911 or email tim.munford@porschebrooklands.co.uk to discuss your Porsche Classic requirements.

Allan Shepperd

Allan Shepperd: Gold level Porsche-trained Technician

Allan has over 14 years of Porsche experience with us. Highly respected for the calibre of his work and his attention to detail, Allan dedicates the entirety of his time at Porsche Service Centre Brooklands to classic models.

You would be very welcome to come and meet Allan prior to any work beginning on your classic Porsche.

Adrian Leggett

Adrian Leggett: Gold level Porsche-trained Technician

With over 30 years of Porsche Centre experience, Adrian is a true source of expertise for any customer with classic Porsche needs.  A fountain of Porsche Classic knowledge, Adrian is one of the most highly trained and experience Porsche Technicians in the industry.

You would be very welcome to come and meet Adrian prior to any work beginning on your classic Porsche.

Our Porsche Classic Services

Our Porsche Classic workshop

Porsche Service Centre Brooklands is able to undertake any work on classic Porsche models from changing a bulb to a complete restoration and everything in between.

We aim to work in true partnership with classic Porsche owners to understand your needs, keep you informed at all stages and deliver a finished vehicle that by far exceeds your expectations.

The following sections give you an idea of the the types of work we can undertake on your classic Porsche.

Restoring a classic Porsche engine

Engine and transmission work

We carefully check the function and authenticity of the engine and transmission down to the very last bolt. If required, we can completely disassemble and clean the entire engine and transmission system, restoring faulty parts where posisble, or replacing them with Porsche Classic Genuine Parts. 

To ensure your engine is clean, all steel fixings are recoated in the original Zinc finish to make the engine appear in the same condition as it originally left the Stuttgart factory.

Like this, we ensure your Porsche not only runs smoothly, but that the engine bay is visually deserving of the Porsche badge it bears on the bonnet.

Bodywork repairs

Body work

In conjunction with our Porsche Recommended Repairer, Premier Panel Skills, we are able to offer unparalleled craftmanship in restoring or repairing Porsche bodywork. 

Whether removing corrosion from a bodyshell or restoring the original colour of a classic Porsche, we can manage the entire process to give you complete peace of mind.

Interior refurbishment

Interior retrimming

We continue to see high demand for the refurbishment and re-trimming of the interiors of classic Porsche cars. We can help with individual elements in need of attention such as replacing knobs and buttons, to an entire interior restoration using classic Porsche textiles and materials.

Porsche Classic Communication Management systems


The new Porsche Classic Communication Management systems PCCM and PCCM Plus are here.

Two versions are available – one with a 3.5-inch display for classic cars with smaller radio slots and one with a 7-inch display for all 996 and 986 models.

Both systems now also feature DAB+ and Apple CarPlay. The PCCM Plus also offers GOOGLE® Android Auto.

The designs blend seamlessly into the interior of classic Porsche models - stylish and a perfect fit. Because even though you like to travel in classic style, you still want an easy and connected journey. 

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Caring for the heart of your classic Porsche

Porsche Classic Oil Service

Porsche Classic Oil Service

Regardless of mileage, you should change the engine oil of your classic Porsche once a year. Short trips are particularly detrimental to the oil and frequently starting the engine when it is cold causes more combustion products and moisture to get into the oil.

The Porsche Classic Oil Service uses compatible Porsche Classic Motoroil and a Porsche Classic Genuine Parts oil filter. Following the service, you will receive a bespoke Porsche Classic stamp in your service record, contributing to the valuable service history of the vehicle.

Prices start from £280.00* for 924, 928, 944 and 968 models, £380.00 for Boxster 986 models and from £325.00* for 911 models depending upon age.


* Fixed price Porsche Classic Oil Service tariffs are Recommended Retail Prices including VAT at 20% and may be withdrawn or varied at any time. Excludes any additional items and checks. Other parts or oils may be used if appropriate.

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Porsche Classic Motoroil

Porsche Classic Motoroil

If you want to keep the heart of your classic Porsche beating strongly for many more years to come, don’t forget to change the oil regularly. The oil change intervals for each vehicle and engine type can be found in the respective driver’s manual.

Regardless of the number of miles covered, we recommend changing the engine oil once a year, particularly as short journeys can have a negative impact on the oil. Frequently starting a cold engine causes more fuel to enter the oil, generates combustion residues and allows the formation of condensation in the oil.

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Join the Porsche Classic Register

The Porsche Classic Register

With over 70% of all Porsche cars ever made still on the road today, classic Porsche models are part of our history and our heritage. The relaunched Porsche Classic Register aims to welcome classic Porsche owners back to the Porsche family.

The new version of the Porsche Classic Register offers you numerous exclusive benefits, each one designed to help you look after your pride and joy.

To qualify for complimentary membership of the Porsche Classic Register simply bring your classic Porsche to us with proof of ownership and we will do the rest.

Membership of the Porsche Classic Register is complimentary and entitles you a huge range of benefits from complimentary Porsche Classic number plate surrounds and a 15% discount on Recommended Retail Price (RRP), to four complimentary wash and vacuums per membership per year and a complimentary 1 litre top bottle of Porsche Classic Motoroil. Contact our Centre to discover even more benefits.

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In the workshop

1976 911 (930) 3.0 T

1976 911 (930) 3.0 T

Porsche Service Centre Brooklands is thrilled to be working on Mark Jordan’s 1976 911 (930) 3.0 T. Recently resurfaced after 16 years in storage, our Classic team are restoring the entire engine and carrying out a full gearbox inspection.

1994 911 (993) Carrera 2

1994 911 (993) Carrera 2

Brian Ridout, a highly esteemed customer, has placed his 1994 911 (993) in the safe hands of Porsche Service Centre Brooklands to manage the entirety of its engine rebuild.

Classic products

Porsche Classic Car Care Kit

Porsche Classic Car Care Kit

The 17-piece Porsche Classic Car Care Kit contains a combination of different products for all exterior surfaces and is suitable for all Porsche paint generations.

Each care product has been tested under the harshest conditions in Weissach to ensure they give the optimum results for all classic Porsche vehicles. All products in the kit can be ordered separately when you need replacements.

Included in the 17-piece kit is car shampoo, wheel cleaner, wheel cleaner with brush set, plastic cleaner, tyre cleaner, window cleaner, microfibre cloth, chamois leather, cleaning clay, paintwork polish, hard wax, three-piece sponge set and a luxury pepita-designed storage bag.

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993 shock absorbers

993 shock absorbers

The Porsche Classic team in Germany realised that 993 owners would face problems if their shock absorbers became defective as the standard parts originally made for those chassis were no longer available. So Porsche Classic has reissued them and the result is a product that combines the latest technology with the highest Porsche standards.

By changing the front and rear axle shock absorbers you will be giving your Porsche its original roadholding and, to ensure we are offering customers the original driving experience, there are two versions available: one for the 993 and one for the 993 Turbo sports suspension.

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Porsche Classic Motoroil

Porsche Classic Motoroil

The engine is the heart of every Porsche, and air-cooled flat engines place particular demands on a lubricant. In short: not just any engine oil is suitable for older flat engines.

In collaboration with the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach, the Porsche Classic experts have developed two variants of the Porsche Classic engine oil with the specific aim of meeting the demands of the 356 and 911 models (including the 993 model).

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